Are Your Thoughts Serving You?

Mar 1, 2020 | Mental Health


As you go through your day, what is your attention on? Are you focusing on worst case scenarios? Seeing the glass half empty, instead of half full? How does thinking this way help you? If we inform ourselves of worst case scenarios, and then constantly think “what if” these things happen, how does focusing on them help our situation? Does keeping your mind on the negatives make your heart sing, your mouth smile, or your voice create laughter? I have found that such thoughts do absolutely nothing for me; in fact, they make an otherwise perfect day dreadful. I know you can relate to me, right? The bottom line is, negative thoughts are useless and serve us in no way.

Let me explain how not thinking about negative things that “might” happen can actually serve us. This past week, as I sat in my home healing from a third occurrence of cancer, I realized I have not been thinking about cancer at all. My focus was on doing everything I needed to do to heal my body – resting, meditating, studying God’s word, taking my supplements and pain medications, jumping into the sauna, preparing healthy foods, and embracing making coffee for enemas. wink I have not been fretting about having cancer or being “sick.” I have not looked to the internet for answers (please don’t ever do this if you are sick…it is a recipe for disaster that none of us need!). How would worrying or looking to others to determine my destiny help my mind or serve my body?

I know that God has a plan for my life, a very big plan, and I trust that this is just part of the process. I trust Him and his word. (When you study all the wonderful evidence that exists in the world about cancer and healing from it, and the amazing scriptures that correlate so beautifully with that evidence, it really isn’t even a concern for me.) Even when I have a hard time walking, my mind is only thinking about my pain and corresponding limp as if I was simply healing from a surgery or recovering from a fall from a horse. I am always telling myself that this is just temporary and to be patient. I visualize my strong, healthy body dissolving all unhealthy cells; healing deeply from the inside out. I visualize myself walking normally, running with my dogs, and riding my horses with grace and ease. Then I close my eyes and see myself doing it. After I have the image in my mind, I smile and feel in my entire body what it will feel like when that happens again. I recreate the feelings I had in the past and allow my body to reconnect with them. Connecting the feelings with the positive thoughts is essential to success; reminding our bodies of that great feeling draws them back to the experiences themselves. All of these thoughts serve me well and help my body heal. kiss (I hope you are taking notes!) 

Let me tell you, this way of thinking is not just a gift I have been given. It is something I have worked very diligently on. All of my current thoughts are very different from where my thoughts went after my first two diagnoses. After both, all I could think about was that I had cancer and if I didn’t find the “right”  cure I might die. I would work myself into knots. I would get anxious, depressed, cranky, and snap at those I loved the most. I would exhaust myself, which was not good for my mental or physical state.  

Since those diagnoses, I have worked so hard at identifying each of my negative thoughts, stopping them, and replacing them with positive ones. I have searched for the things in my life that I am grateful for, diverting my focus to them, and then connecting to feelings of gratitude. I have constantly reminded myself that God has a plan for my life that includes living, enjoying, and teaching. This process has been incredibly hard, but now I realize has gotten me where I am today – thinking about positive things in the midst of a scary diagnosis, which in and of itself is a life saving technique.

As I live with such peace, after what some would think is a terrifying diagnosis, I realize that all of the hard work that it takes to change daily thought processes is worth it!  My body needs to rest and heal. If all I was thinking about was how much my body was hurting, or pitting myself because of all of the things I can’t do, I would not only be torturing myself mentally and physically, but I would be interfering with my body’s innate ability to heal. How would any of these make my life any better? They wouldn’t; in fact, they would be robbing me of the daily joy I have been experiencing through this health journey. As God so perfectly reminds us, we must “fix [our] thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Think[ing] things that are excellent and worthy or praise.” Philippians 4: 8 innocent 

In conclusion, I hope you, my dear reader, will learn from my mistakes and my triumphs. I hope you will also choose to grow. I hope you will allow yourself to experience much more love and joy in your life, despite your circumstances, by working diligently at stopping your negative thinking and focusing instead on all the things you have to be grateful for (you will find many). Please don’t stress your body, or steal the possible joy from your days, by staying stuck in that nasty loop of negative thinking which does nothing but harm you! Be brave enough to change. I promise you won’t regret it! Sending you LOVE & ENCOURAGEMENT! embarassed
















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