The Magical Connection Between Fatigue, Surgery & Brightly

Mar 27, 2019 | Horses, Spiritual

A Beautiful Answer for Unrelenting Fatigue 

I have been struggling a lot lately with fatigue. A few weeks ago, it hit me hard. The fatigue was followed by stabbing stomach pains. Knowing how well my body functions because it is one of my top priorities in living, I shrugged it off. Enter Hippocrates Health Institute and a God timed offer from an employee to allow me to have a free Cyberscan. A Cyberscan measures your body’s energies and detects things that could be throwing you off balance, thereby affecting the energy you have for everyday living. Upon receiving the result, I was able to put a name to the stabbing stomach pains that had evolved into lack of appetite, nausea, and even more intense fatigue – an h-pylori bacterial infection. I e-mailed my doctor, who knows how to cure just about every ailment my body has suffered over the last few years, and was given a simple cure…one that worked very quickly – zinc carnosine. Within a day all of my stomach pains and nausea were gone; vanished just like that! There is nothing better than having a holistic doctor that has almost all of the answers. 

The one answer I was lacking, however, was the answer to my fatigue. I knew the zinc carnosine was working. I could feel it in my body, but why was the fatigue lingering?

As I look back over the course of the last few weeks, where I wanted to do nothing but sleep most all day, I began to reflect. At the same time I was dealing with a bacterial infection, my horse Brightly had a weird outbreak of hives and two swollen legs in an odd location – left hind and left front. Now I have seen all four legs swollen, just one, both hind, or both front; but left front and left hind. Not only was the location of the swollen legs perplexing but so were the hives; he had been doing so well all winter long under sometimes stressful show conditions (his first time showing back at WEF in 4 years). His mood also seemed down. But why? What had happened?

I board at what I consider to be the best farm, with the best caretakers I have ever seen. My horses are at the spa every day when they are here in Wellington. Moreover, the energy there is wonderful! The employees are a delight and they love the horses. I have boarded my horses at many places here in Wellington, and hands down, they are the happiest they have ever been where they live now. Basically, I know my horse’s hives, swelling, and flat mood had nothing to do with the atmosphere he was living in. 

Knowing his immune system needed assistance, I immediately started him on the fabulous whole foods supplements that I always rely on to help my horses be their best. (I have a treasure chest full of amazing whole food products that provide my horses the nutritional support they need, on a regular basis and also during times of acute need.) I also knew Brightly’s lymphatic system needed to kick it up to help his body move out the pathogen that had taken up residence in his body. As such, I lightly rode him every few days. But he was not himself; he felt kinda dull and lifeless. His personality was on point, wanting to reach into my pockets to find treats and give me kisses on my cheek, but his overall energy was just not there.

As I continued to reflect on things that had occurred over the course of the last few weeks I asked myself if it was a coincidence that my energy was just not there either?  Was it a coincidence that we were both suffering simultaneously for days with pretty extreme fatigue? I submit to you that it was not.

Both Brightly and I laid low for about 10 days. After resolving the h-pylori infection, the flu forced me to rest for a few days, which was followed up by torrential rains here in Florida, again forcing me to rest even more. God ultimately demanded a 6 day rest (this is a long time for me!).  Initially, I resisted, but when my body just did not get better, I surrendered to Him and rested. After the flu was gone, I was ready to ride, but God said not yet. It rained and rained and rained. And I submitted, submitted, and submitted. I rested…Brightly rested. My exhaustion continued….Brightly’s hives continued. When asked if I wanted him on antibiotics I quickly said no. I know antibiotics can do much more harm than good and should only be used in cases were there is no other option. I heard the quiet still voice tell me “give him time, let his body heal, this is a process…he like you needs REST!” I was getting good with surrender; not only with my body, but my horse’s body. God is in the details, all you need to do is be present; He knows each of us and how He can best communicate with us.

After about 10 days of hives, and administering lots of quality supplements, the hives dried up, causing dead skin to slough off of Brightly’s legs. I looked at his legs and then looked at his face. I knew he was healing. Looking back, I was beginning to start to feel better too…much less exhaustion. I hopped on Brightly’s back and took him out for a light hack. Although he felt much better, confirming my intuition that he was on the mend despite his legs looking a bit scary, I knew he was not himself just yet. So I dropped the reins and took him for a nice walk, allowing him to enjoy the change in scenery and me to practice solidifying my deep breathing techniques. We worked on just “being” together. A form a modified rest for sure.

Fast forward one day and one amazing night. It was a Tuesday morning, I had woken up from the most amazing sleep; I had not slept like that in many months (living without ovaries can be challenging at time…it’s called hot flashes!). I felt SO amazing that all I wanted to do was dance around the house. I thought to myself, is this really happening? Do I really feel this good? After having a nutritionally dense smoothie, hoping I could ensure I would feel this way all day, I drove to the barn. My first look at Brightly drew my eyes to his strong muscular back and his adorable dapples; no sign of having ever had pretty intense hives for over a week. Something was definitely different. Then I rode him. In 5 years of owning this horse, he had never, ever felt this amazing. I got off of him and wanted to continue the dance I had started in my mind earlier that morning! At the end of the day, I thought to myself, well I just got really lucky to have such an amazing day! I thanked God for it, but was not sure if this new energy would greet me again the next morning! Much to my surprise, and absolute delight, the next day was a repeat. The energy I had was abounding! And my horse again felt simply amazing!

I kept trying to rack my brain to think about what I had done differently. What new supplement had I experimented with that was the magic pill we are all looking for? What meditation? What food? What did I do? My thoughts then transitioned to my horse, what was it that I gave him, which precise supplement or combination of supplements? What was the winning recipe for both my horse and myself? 

After much consideration, I knew the only different thing I had done. Right before this energy shift, I spent a morning in intense prayer. I had not prayed that intensly since my very first diagnosis with cancer. You see, a very important person in my life was going in for a very difficult, scary, and risky surgery. As I sat quietly with God, I went right back to the place I sat with Him right before I was ready to undergo my bilateral mastectomy. Back then, the fear was so intense as I was sure that surgery was going to be the end of me. For the first time in my life I surrendered it all….everything….every ounce of my body and soul. I gave myself completely to Him. For once, I held nothing back from Him (which was not an easy place to get to, but an unbelievable place to be once I was there).

So, just last Monday, March 18, 2019 very early in the morning, I made myself cozy with my Bible and sat with God. As I again gave myself to Him, I meditated on the verse that one of my amazing friends had read to me just before I was wheeled into surgery 10 years earlier – Psalm 91. If you have never read it, I urge you to do so. It’s powerful! I didn’t plead with Him for my friend’s sake. Rather, I entrusted my friend to Him, and I trusted Him to protect my friend just like He had protected me. I visualized His presence in the operating room; His power hovering over the room. I envisioned Him being in complete control of all of the circumstances; not only protecting my friend, but all of the wonderful people who were working on him to heal his body. Because this surgery was heart surgery, I then envisioned his heart as strong and healthy, beating vibrantly, it’s energies radiating from his chest and intertwining with the energies of God. Not only did I connect with God deeply again, which I had not done like that in years, but I again surrendered all that I am to Him. I definitely talk to God all of the time and pray. But spending deep, quality, intimate time with Him was something I had let escape from my life for way too long!

In conclusion, spending deeply intimate time with God, truly surrendering (again) all that I am to Him, and trusting Him with every cell in my body was what I had done differently.  This was the only thing that can explain the incredible energy that I have been feeling for days now. Some of you may think this could never be the answer to recapturing energy, but I assure you it was for me! The amazing thing is, I learned four beautiful lessons through it:

(1) A friend’s trials can bring joy and light to those around them;

(2) God definitely works in mysterious ways, but when you look for Him His presence can’t be ignored;

(3) I will never again underestimate that when I myself am feeling down, weak, and sick, I can bring those close to me right down with me & when I am feeling whole, healthy and vibrant, I can elevate those around me, raising the vibrational field and energies to the place that they need to be. It was not a coincidence that Brightly developed swelling and hives when I was sick for days, nor that he healed and felt better than he ever has when I allowed God to again deeply heal me, bringing me total health and bounds of energy; and

(4) I must spend deeply intimate time with God much more consistently, surrendering all that I am and all that I have to him! 

Sending you all lots of love! embarassed



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